New Free VPN Service

Our VPN Network

UK VPN Network and Data Center

Our UK Free VPN service uses US's state-of-the-art best data centers operated by BlueSquare Data Group (now Pulsant Ltd) for an extremely high quality free VPN connections. Our VPN network is built for resilience and redundancy. Utilising best-in-class hardware from diverse providers over multiple paths allows us to offer our users a 99.9% guaranteed uptime SLA service.

Here are some advanced features of our data center and our super fast VPN network:


100% Cisco routers and switches
40Gb redundant fibre network
Monitored 24/7/365
VSS router configuration for hardware redundancy
Multiple transit providers
LINX 224 and 226 connections


Perimeter alarm system with beam detectors
Monitored key card access
360° Recorded passive and active CCTV
Electronically multi-gated entry point


Dedicated substation inside secure inner compound
2MVA of mains power
Diesel generators with auto switchover
Fast dedicated UPS for seamless power switching

Canada VPN Network and Data Center

Our Canada Free VPN service uses Canada's best data center with connections to hundreds of exchange partners around the world that assures a steady Internet connection and superior routing performance. With 99.999% SLA Uptime and over 50Gbps Capacity, our VPN network offers fully redundant backbone connection with Cisco routing equipment to guarantee there is no single point of failure. 

In more detail, by using our VPN network, the outgoing traffic travels via Tata Communications (formerly Teleglobe), Videotron, Peer1,TorIX, Level 3 and Deutsche Telekom using the shortest route. For inbound traffic, all available providers are used, Tata Communications, Videotron, Peer1,TorIX, Level 3, Deutsche Telekom and Cogent.

Our VPN network is super fast. below is the response time listed in Netcraft’s Hosting Providers Network Performance chart , our network is hard to beat when it comes to availability and response time.